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elaine smith
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I suppose if an author cared to write about a very late in life romance – say two people in their late 70s, 80s or even older, they would have largely “asexual” characters. People do fall in love very late in life – I’ve seen that with my late father-in-law – so writing about this would be a challenge but might even find an audience. After all, we all get older, love and affection, closeness and comfort don’t have to disappear from one’s life; the need can even grow greater in advancing years as time starts to run out. Oldies may not feel the need to be bonking all the time but the other needs are still there. I have reflected on this myself during the pandemic. My DH and I are not spring chickens for sure and the loss of a year of our retirement time is sad to us. We recognise how much younger people have lost and we are grateful we are in a good financial position but there are far, far fewer years ahead for us!

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