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Carrie G
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I’m very interested to see what books people list here. I came late to the romance genre, about 10 years ago, and have never read the “old skool” romances. Since I didn’t cut my teeth on these books, I don’t have any attachment to them or their authors. I think if I’d read them 20-30 years ago, I’d probably have a soft spot for many of them, like readers do. At the same time, my reading tastes have changed quite a bit even in 10 years, and I find I don’t enjoy books, like some of SEP’s Chicago Stars series, that I enjoyed when I initially read them. I also read a lot of romantic suspense, seal-military type books with alpha males that I can’t even get through today. But none of that would make me take to Twitter (which I don’t have anyway) and rant.

I think I’m going to pick a couple of the books, like To Have and to Hold, and read them just out of curiosity. I want to pick ones that people loved and are well written, even though they might not fly today. I can’t see getting mad at something written 30 years ago, so mainly I’m just curious. I also find, rightly or wrongly, that I’m more critical of contemporary romances with dubious consent than historicals.