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Caz Owens
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I read To Have and to Hold a few years ago for the TBR Challenge (for the “Old School” prompt) and while it was obviously problematic I didn’t dismiss the book out of hand and enjoyed it. It’s well written, the issues are explored well and Sebastian’s redemption is convincing. Like Carrie, I came to romance relatively recently – probably 15 years or so ago? – so I haven’t read many of Ye Olde Boddyce Ryppers either, so it’s hard for me to judge one way or the other. One I’d add to the problematic list that I HAVE read, is Whitney, My Love. I don’t think books should be pulled because they’re not PC by today’s standards, and I do take issue with older books being rewritten simply to erase problematic material – but that’s another issue. (We can only learn and make progress if we’re able to make comparisons with the past and learn to do better.) I imagine many authors today wouldn’t write the sort of problematic content we’re talking about, mostly because it’s not something they would feel comfortable (or be interested in) writing, and I think we’ve moved on.