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Carrie G
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That video is great, too. And I love this about your son! My husband, Will, is Buddhist, following the Tibetan tradition. He’s recently started on the Dharma path with a mentor. Buddhism has had an incredible impact on his life, and therefore mine as well. He’s mentally and emotionally healthier, and less stressed. The skills he’s learning are so helpful.His brother has been Buddhist for years now, and teaches spirituality classes and leads meditation seminars in the Williamsburg VA area. Will really got interested when he and I started going to Dialectic Behavior Therapy (our therapist is also Buddhist, but we didn’t know that going in). DBT has a lot of skills based on Buddhist skills, such as radical acceptance, and has done more to change the way I deal with interpersonal situations than anything else. (Not, as you are aware, I always succeed!) I know that, at least right now, meditation and other Buddhist practices aren’t for me, but there is a sort of trickle-down effect at work here since Will and I do a lot of talking about what he is learning and doing. Combined with DBT, I’ve incorporated skills that have literally changed my life.