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Dabney Grinnan
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Wow. There’s a WaPo article about Lil’ Nas that’s amazing.


Among other things, it says:

Being queer is not about sexuality or gender identity; like anything that truly matters, it’s about freedom and control. At 41, it took me half my life to come out as gay. I’m still working on coming out as queer. Queerness demands an understanding that nobody’s existence is bound by someone else’s comforts. You can be whatever you want to be. Supposedly, as former senator Rick Santorum famously argued, being unbound by strangers’ discomforts is an invitation to all manner of monstrosities, including conservatives’ go-to sins of bestiality, pedophilia and slavery. Those are crimes, and the people who conflate self-determination with crime are telling on themselves.

….Actual queerness is indifferent to other people’s preferences.

I’m queer. Lil Nas X is queer. And Madonna is queer, as was a cadre of pop artists she rose up with in the ’80s, including David Bowie, Prince and Freddie Mercury. Madonna’s queerness was rooted in her daring to presume the same freedoms as a woman that male artists already enjoyed. In “Montero,” Lil Nas X presumes the same freedoms in his homosexuality that heterosexual artists already enjoy in music videos suffused with naked bodies and allusions to, and pantomimes of, sex.

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