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Unfortunately that’s a thing across the board. And these days with people (here in the US for sure, and in other places it seems as well) so diametrically opposed on things, companies and institutions really are in a position where they need to have the pulse of their clientele or be willing to suffer the losses.

I don’t really know much about Piers Morgan (apart from the fact he’s quite controversial and people either really like him or really hate him and Sharon Osborne got caught up in his wake as his friend defending him).

I must click on UK articles on Facebook quite a bit (I’m a huge history buff and a lot is published by UK sites) so all kinds of things have been popping up from UK sites about him and the Royal Family in my feed lately. From what I have read, he had the largest number of complaints about him at his network about his comments on the Harry/Megan Markle interview before stepping down, something like 40 thousand. But since he left, hundreds of thousands of people have signed petitions demanding his return and the shows ratings have significantly decreased.

Now I don’t know if both the complainers and admirers were people who even watched his show to begin with or just people who feel strongly either way and wanted their voice counted. But the question now is what will the network do?

Something similar happened here in the U.S with a restaurant chain called Cracker Barrel several years back.

Again, I don’t remember all the details but there was a reality show called “Duck Dynasty” about a Evangelical Christian family from Louisiana who makes duck hunting equipment. It was a huge hit on cable TV. Their demographics in rural areas were through the roof.

They were famous for their long beards, “country” ways and being Christians that adhere strictly to the Bible and consider anything written in the Bible to be a sin, as a sin. Can you see where this is going? Unsurprisingly, on an interview one of the guys (I don’t know his name because I never watched the show) said something along the lines that he considered being gay a sin along with adultery and a lot of other things. He also said something along the lines that he would never treat anyone differently or disrespectfully blah, blah.

Well of course it became a huge topic on all the news shows with a large number of people complaining about him and the anti-gay and bigoted talk, wanting the show pulled or censored by the broadcaster A&E.

Cracker Barrel is a restaurant chain in the US (for those who don’t know) based out of Lebanon Tennessee with hundreds of restaurants in the US but the majority in the South. I don’t think they even made it to the Northeast until last ten years or so and there are very few there. Their client base is overwhelmingly rural and conservative. After the controversy with Duck Dynasty they announced they were pulling the Duck Dynasty goods from the country stores attached to their restaurants.

Well that decision lasted exactly one day. The outcry from their customers was so extreme and one sided they had to come back and make a very serious apology denouncing their decision and completely reversing it.

Now that isn’t to say every person in the south or rural areas supported Duck Dynasty, but an overwhelming amount did. And it’s not to say every person in on the coasts denounced them, but a huge majority did.

I in no way am meaning to say any controversial authors espouse the beliefs of Piers Morgan or the Duck Dynasty guy, just that things are so divided right now, if you are involved in a business that breaks down by geographical and/or political demographics you better do your market research. That’s why you won’t see ads for My Pillow on MSNBC or ads for Twitter on Fox News.