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Carrie G
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I saw the rotten times for Harry, Hermione and Ron more in the light of immature selfish teenage angst, and not anything born of entitlement or privilege. To me, James Potter’s behavior was more than that, it was casual cruelty to hose weaker than himself, which makes me thing of entitlement and privilege. I definitely believe he was redeemable, but Rowlings doesn’t really show that happening, so we’re kind of left hoping that James would have been the role model Harry believes him to be. I think that’s important, because Harry needed to see his father’s flaws as a way of understanding his own flaws, and to see Snape’s sacrifices as a way to understand that people are not just what they seem on the surface. For me this juxtaposition of James Potter and Snape is one of the most important lessons in the books for all of us, but perhaps especially teens. We can’t just look at the outside of a person, or accept what society sees and says about them. We need to dig deeper to see the worth (or rotteness) below the surface and make judgments based on that and not the picture shown to the world at large. This is a life skill that we all need. It’s literally headline stuff, as we are led to believe the rich white guy should get off with a slap on the wrist for rape but it’s okay for the POC to get life imprisonment for marijuana possession.