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Will there still be a forthcoming list on the new site? And if so, where is it??

As for the new site, it looks really nice – crisp, clean, & modern. I do have a couple of comments & suggestions –

first, I find the font, against the bright white, is a a little (to a lot, depending on how tired I am) hard to read unless I really increase the size of the page (thus increasing the size of the font). I love the font, which is gorgeous to look at, but it’s a bit light/thin for easy reading. If there’s a medium weight, it might be easier to read; if this is the medium weight, perhaps a demi bold would work. This is going to especially be a problem for anyone with even the slightest vision issues – I know my 89yo MiL could never read this as there’s much too little contrast between the letters & the background.

second, on my first glance at the home page, I wasn’t sure where I was or what the site was because all I saw were the books (which look like the Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought section of Amazon) & the colored dots with grades in them. Those two sections are SO much more vividly colored that the rest of the home page that I didn’t even notice the rest of it at first. I was also quite confused as to what all the circles with grades in them were at first as there’s no header for them ( as in “Newest Reviews” or “Most Recent Reviews” or even “Recent Reviews” or whatever it is these are). Once I figured it out, it was ok but having things clear for a new user, or an very old one (like me) who sees the new site for the first time, can make a big difference as to whether someone stays & explores your site (yes, I used to design & review sites so sorry for going on about this! I guess I did it so long it’s become habit!!).

And finally, the ‘if I had my d’ruthers’
– I’d love to see the On the Blog section in the sidebar above the comments section. For me, personally, I’m much more interested in seeing what’s on the blog without having to click through than I am in the comments (though I’m likely the only one).
– And I would love to see the Also New at AAR section back as part of the home page. I know the reviews are really important but I loved having a quick glimpse at what else was going on around the site!

So, congratulations on both the new site & the new URL & I’m looking forward to exploring the site further!