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I’m reposting here what I posted on the older board:

Maggie AAR wrote:
First, my apologies for the confusion and kerfluffle. As a staff member I registered but right now users don’t have to register. Sorry.

1. Go to the boards, which are located under the header Connections
2. Choose the Msg. Board you want to post under. We essentially have the same ones as before.
3. To post to an existing topic you enter your name email(called Mail on the site) and the message. Then hit submit. You should be good to go!
3. To post a new topic you enter your name email(called Mail on the site) Topic Title and the message. Then hit submit. You should be good to go!

They really are very similar to these boards, so you shouldn’t have any problem.

Thank you for the info. I have a couple more questions if you don’t mind.

1. What is the “login” feature at the bottom of the home page for then?

2. There is checkbox there that says “keep me signed in” and although I keep trying to eliminate the check mark in the box, it always reverts to staying logged in. Is that a bug or am I doing something wrong? Also what is that Log In feature for if we do what you just described?

3. On the message board threads, once you enter your name and website it remains there without anyway to delete it that I can see, which I take as still being logged on. Is there a way to log out from the message boards that continue to have your name and email?

Some different questions:

1. Will there be a PM option?
2. Will there be an edit function for when one (1) realizes a mistake that needs to be fixed, or (2) the ability to ETA to add additional information to an existing post without having to repeat parts of the topic in a another new post?
3. When one writes a post, there are icons at the top to use. I obviously know b, i, and ul, but could you tell us what the other are for. I apologize if it is obvious to everyone else, but thank you for your help.
4. One last likely dumb question–sorry–Is the reply bottom on each post a replacement from hitting “quote” on this board?

I apologize if I’m missing the obvious but sincerely do appreciate your help.

ETA: I just fixed two typos I made when I first posted this. Mark it up to my having been an editor. Smile

ETA2: On this news site, I tried a reply but it didn’t indent. Is that correct?
ETA3: I agree that the white background and font chosen is tough on the eyes.

ETA4: I also find it hard to distinguish between a comma and a period since both are so small.