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I understand the site is still in Beta-testing, and that a new version will roll out this fall (according to an AAR tweet that appeared on the home page) but my first suggestion is that AAR have ONE page for suggestions/comments on the new site, instead of having multiple “what do you think of our new site” pages–it’s hard to keep track of/remember the many pro/con suggestions that are meant to help improve the site. Also, in the last few days I have found the new site is slow uploading, and switching pages, too, is slow, and this time I can say “it’s not me/my computer,” lol.

While the new AAR site appears fresh and modern, I find the homepage “too” busy, cluttered. What I am interested in (book reviews) is lost amongst the double-sided side bars, which I have noticed change daily–yesterday, for example the “steals & deals” were on the right side of the page; today it’s on the left. I’d rather see more about books (though I do like that they are labelled/categorised) and about “what’s on the blog” than about who’s commenting on what or seeing the Twitter feed. And the formatting of the “New Reviews” page appears, at least to me, almost like it’s in 3-d.

I do like the banner colour, but the vast amount of “white space” against the light font is hard on the eyes. Navigation of the site has become less user-friendly, especially in the forum section, which is now called Connections on the front page. If I were new to the site, I wouldn’t know what that meant. A drop-down box listing the different forums may simplify this, instead of having to go back and forth between page forums. And I know you cannot accommodate every issue, but for those of us who have memory problems, a banner at the top of a forum page that says what forum one is in, would be helpful, like the old site.
I’d like see “time and date” reflect on individual posts/discussion topics within a particular forum, rather than how it shows right now.

Also, considering that a person can now post a comment on anything featured on the home page, does that mean that “let’s talk” forum will eventually become obsolete with V2? Or less used, might be a better way to phrase it.

I have yet to try the “quotes” button function, though I did hit the “reply” button to a poster and my comment showed up as an in individual post. I am not the most tech-savvy person, so I’ll second the suggestion for a F & Q page on tech-stuff that the new site is still ironing out. And I’ll second those, who are far more knowledgeable than I when it comes to web-design, etc., that offered ways to improve the site in terms of functionality.