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I think it’s length. If you go to the challenge thread, you can see what I posted. If you respond, don’t be lengthy. 😉

Sandlynn, I think that it might be the length, but it might also be a problem with copy and pasting from another document. When I was copying the challenges from the old website to this board, I got the same message you received (“Forbidden. You don’t have permission to access /forums/topic/sweet-16-reading-challenge/ on this server.”).
I thought it was the length, so I decided to separate the original post in multiple separate entries. Then I realized that while some of the separate entries were still quite long (e.g., “The Basketball Edition”), I had no problems posting them, while one particular entry, “Age 16” (which was actually shorter than some of the posts I had just submitted), kept getting the same error message. And I was trying to copy it from a Word document to here. So I tried a couple of other things until one of my attempts worked: I copied the entire text from the old website to Excel as unformatted text, and then copied it back to here, and it worked… I have no idea why this particular “solution” worked, or why none of the other longer posts generated an error message. I just think the issue is not (or not just) a matter of length.