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14 Elyza (r) Darcy, Clare
14 The Corinthian (r) Heyer, Georgette
14 The Actress & the Marquis (r) Holbrook, Cindy
14 Deception (r) Quick, Amanda
14 Mistress (r) Quick, Amanda
14 The Shockwave Rider (s) Brunner, John
14 The Stone That Never Came Down (s) Brunner, John
14 The Apocalypse Troll (s) Weber, David
14 Healer (s) Wilson, F. Paul
13 Honor’s Splendour (r) Garwood, Julie
13 Frederica (r) Heyer, Georgette
13 Venetia (r) Heyer, Georgette
13 The Duke’s Downfall (r) Lynson, Jane
13 The Cruachan and the Killane (s) Cristabel