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12 Laugh With Me, Love With Me (r) Damon, Lee
12 The Unknown Ajax (r) Heyer, Georgette
12 The Tenacious Miss Tamerlane (r) Michaels, Kasey
12 Reality Forbidden (s) High, Philip E.
12 The Cosmic Computer (s) Piper, H. Beam
12 Skylark Duquesne (s) Smith, Edward E.
12 Skylark of Valeron (s) Smith, Edward E.
12 Heirs of Empire (s) Weber, David
12 Mutineers’ Moon (s) Weber, David
12 “The Present” (sr) Holbrook, Cindy
While some of the romances on this list are also on the 5-star list, the overlap is not a majority of either list.