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Btw, Blackjack1, a while back (on the old site,) you recommended two Spanish shows, Gran Hotel, & Velvet, which I thoroughly enjoyed. So if you have other similar recs, pass them my way, for I’m always interested in shows that aren’t mainstream/primetime North American television.

Oh that’s great! I don’t know if I mentioned some terrific shows I’ve watched in the past year that are not mainstream North American, but I would highly recommend the Danish political drama Borgen. It’s so so good, and I’ve read that the U.S. is going to remake it for American audiences (probably mess it up too!). I love the ongoing French crime drama, Spiral. It’s still going now with Season 6 and won the International Emmy for Best Drama. Also, if you haven’t seen New Zealand’s Top of the Lake (Netflix), it’s really good and I think they’re making a second season.

I think Dabney a while back suggested the British rom-com Catastrophe in a blog? Anyway, I watched the first season and really liked it.

Finally, has anyone seen Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by any chance? I made a note of it a while back after reading an interesting review but have not gotten around to checking it out.