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“Refresh is a command that reloads the contents of a window or Web page with the most current data. For example, a window may list files stored within a folder, but may not track their location in real-time. If the files have been moved or deleted since the window was first opened, the folder contents displayed will be inaccurate. By refreshing the window, a current list of files is displayed.”

“Web browsers include a Refresh command, which reloads the contents of a Web page. This is especially useful for dynamic Web pages, which contain content that changes often.”

FYI: The refresh button is usually upper lefthand on your monitor,–a partial circle with an arrow generally–next to the arrows that take you back a page or forward a page. It doesn’t reprogram your computer or anything like it. It just gives you the latest info (that the new AAR program is currently NOT doing).

Refresh just brings the most recent data to your unit, The program should be doing it for you, but since it is not, you have to hit REFRESH on the new AAR often to keep up with what anyone is doing