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I was looking for a specific review of a book written by Karen Templeton when I noticed that another book she had written was not listed in the results when I queried for books by “Karen Templeton.” I knew that a review of this book had been done at AAR because it was the reason I first started reading Ms. Templeton’s books. So, I looked up the book by its title, Swept Away. To my relief, the review was still available. However, no author was listed in the “Author” column.

In doing a little more research, I found that 122 of the reviews published in 2010 did not have a name listed in the Author column, 576 of the reviews published in 2011 were missing an author’s name while similarly, 284 of the reviews published in 2012 were also lacking a listed author.

So, be aware, if you are looking for books by Courtney Milan, you will not find Dabney’s review of The Governess Affair listed in the results. Nor will you find Deanna Raybourn’s Dark Road to Darjeeling if you look it up by author and not title. If you look up Nalini Singh’s works by her name you will find Lea Hensley’s review of the audiobook version of Archangel’s Blade, but not Wendy Clyde’s review of the actual book.

The results from using power search are very user friendly in that you can sort the results by any one of the column headings. I really like that feature.