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I love AAR, have since I found it probably over 15 year ago now but due to the new site’ I’m going to have to take a hiatus for a while. There are too many issues for me to deal with:

Slowness. I have an IPad 1 and the length of time it takes to do anything is driving me mad.

Refreshing. Now I’m having to refresh every single page I go and it’s driving me mad.

There is only one page for each topic whereas before there were pages. To read the latest post, after I refresh each and evert drill Dow page, I have to go through ALL posts again until getting to most recent post and it takes ages and drives me mad. I want to just skip however many pages there are.

Having to sign in again every single time I post something.

I just wanted to see the latest posts on The Wild West forums. Forget it!! As it was taking well over 5 minutes to get where I was trying to go, I gave up in frustration. In that time – totally wasted, I could have read at least one chapter in a book.

So, for now anyway, I won’t be coming here”. And that makes me so, so sad.