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Re software in general: I think the industry is undergoing huge changes as technology and apps are rapidly evolving and so many things that worked very well are being obsoleted by the next new thing with selling rather than functionality in mind. In my work (not related to publishing or marketing), I’m discovering for every advance made with an upgrade that has been pushed out to us, the revised software has ruined other things that worked perfectly fine, and it isn’t simply a matter of readjusting and learning to think about it in a ‘new’ way. I also think a lot of software is now being coded by a younger generation of programmers who influence how interfaces are designed.

As for issues here: I often have to refresh to see the latest comments, but it’s not a big deal. I have discovered that if I go to the main menu with the list of forums where it shows latest time of last post and the name of the poster, clicking on the time will take me to that post. However, I can’t know until I get there what thread that latest post is associated with.

I do miss the old boards and the wealth of information that could be obtained from comments in the threads there, but understand why it was cost-prohibitive to maintain.