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ProblemS. Not problem, such as…

All of the refreshing on each part of the site.

The difference between time stamps on the main message home page and the individual pages
themselves, Even the last poster often doesn’t coordinate between main page and the thread.
IOW a disconnect between the two.

Pop-ups in addition to all of all the refreshing is more than annoying–almost a deal breaker.
You’re unlikely to improve your expenses by losing viewers and posters on the forum.

Lack of editing ability.

I’ll add a new one: The message boxes with all of the white space make maneuvering yet another task
taking more time instead of conserving space (like the old board) so the most messages can be viewed
on a single page. I prefer ease of use and faster maneuvering to appearance. I’ve come here purely
for content.

I think Mark’s use of the word “crippling” hits it right on the nose, along with his comment about
it taking hours for a post to show up.

Like others have said, we too have new computers and and don’t have caching problems.
The problem is the new site. This is the first time I’ve been on in weeks and it’s the
same ole same ole. I’ve switched to other sites that are far easier to use and just as
graphic intensive or even more so..

All of the above said, I do send best wishes for getting it straightened out and working well
for everyone even if I have mostly moved on.