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Suzanne (aka HBO on the old boards)
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I am really sad, and sorry, that AAR is having multiple issues. There was a time when AAR was the “go-to” site for romance. It was a TRUSTED site for many reasons, and one that did not diss its readership, regardless of differences in opinion. That, for some reason, changed early this year.

For me, (here in Canada) there is a time delay (as if I were on dial-up internet connection) before the main page of AAR displays fully, and even then more times than not, I have to refresh the main page to receive fresh subject matter.

As to the forums…I miss the interaction that I had with other readers on the old site–even if opinions differed. Time delays in posts showing up are a huge hindrance, as are unnecessary pop-up and reminder buy-links. As a consumer (of anything) I don’t like “in-your-face” advertisement, regardless that AAR’s buy links don’t work in Canada.

It seems to me, though, that the new AAR is only listening/responding to its patrons who praise them. And Telling ONE other long-time AAR fan to stop posting, is over-the-top censorship. IMHO.