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I think it’s great that there are some who are not experiencing problems here. But I bet they’re few and far between, or else the boards would be more active, at least as active as they were prior to the new installation. That is a major sign that many are experiencing difficulties viewing and posting. Because you asked where the problems are, in my case, I don’t even bother with the home page anymore because it always has to be refreshed and everything else chosen following it. Now I go directly to bookmarked forum pages. Each topic within the two sections I visit (Romance and Potpouri) needs to be refreshed in order to get the latest posts. That’s a lot of refreshing. Then the reviews page always needs refreshing. The blog, you never know because it’s not daily (at least I don’t think it is). So I sort of hit and miss that one every couple of days. It must be frustrating on your end of it if you’re not experiening these problems and everyone is complaining. Good luck in sorting it all out.