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This is my first visit here since the new site was first unveiled – not because of site issue but because my life got SO busy & complicated that I haven’t had time for anything, including reading or buying new books (it’s been killing me!).

One of the things I use every month is the forthcoming list but I couldn’t find it anywhere until I read this entire thread . Would it be possible to include a really obvious link to it on the front page, perhaps in the blog drop down menu (boxed/in bold at the top of the home page might also work)?

Also, since I am months behind in my book buying, I’d really like to go through the lists for August through November to see what I missed but there doesn’t seem to be a tag or link that pulls them all up & I think that is important to do (& while it looks lovely on the blog & seems to work well – on the one month I looked at- I do miss having the list of months all together so anything that could help create that feel again would be most welcome (it could be something as simple better search term or a side bar on the blog with links to each month).

You might also consider adding things that had their own pages/links on the old site but don’t anymore to the site map & FAQ. It was incredibly frustrating trying to find it! Speaking of the FAQ – any of the questions anyone has about where something is or how something works (like my question about eliminating the covers in the new review lists) should be added to the FAQ. An awful lot of the site isn’t as intuitive as the other iterations were (& yes, I know a lot of this is new software design – it’s driving me NUTS) so adding any helpful hints would be most appreciated!!