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Dabney said, “I am working with a new programmer now and we are slowly making progress. While it’s true I am very unhappy with the firm that did the site redo, it’s complicated. The way the information on the original site was set up has been a challenge to work with. Our unwillingness to give up our database has made the new site comprised.”

As someone who worked with programming and a much larger, longer used database than this one , something seems very off to me. Put another way, think of the old outdated software on the previous site that was ever so much faster with the very same database! That just blows my mind. And the company I worked for would not have survived with a problem going on this long. We once had a weekend nightmare with our system that meant we might not put out a weekly magazine that week, but we did find a way to make it happen, oh, maybe 20 years ago, Surely technology is better than that now, or perhaps you’re dealing with people not experienced enough with what you need. I can honestly say I’ve never worked with a slower operating system, and we’re talking decades with various systems. The people you have worked with have given you a web site with a database, but not one that works as it should. Surely there’s something in your contracts that should cover that. In any event, having a database is not a valid answer for the slow performance of daily activity on a site, especially since much of daily activity doesn’t involve much of the database. Is the whole entire database being checked for every last post or anything? I think you’re getting a wonky answer. JMO Also, the longer it takes to fix an initially flawed system is unlikely to save you any money. That’s why I asked about your contracts–for your sake.

Finally, if you haven’t seen a drop off in traffic, it’s may be because longtime users of this site are hanging in, no matter how long it takes to load each page. Maybe they’ll continue to hang in but there;s always the risk they won;t someday.

All the above said, I wish you the best in dealing with this.