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Hi, I had to re-register, so my new name has a hyphen where the underscore used to be. :-) Thank you, Dabney, for your perseverance in getting the message boards up and running again. I’ve been fine with the Goodreads group, but it is nice to have regular message boards…

Far and away the best books I’ve read this year are KJ Charles’ A Seditious Affair and A Gentleman’s Position. They’re not
as current, as An Affair with a Notorious Countess, From Duke Till Dawn (which, BTW, I would rate C+), or A Lady’s Code of Misconduct , but for me, they were so much better… I cannot say enough good things about ASA and AGP. Now, if you don’t care for M/M romances (and in the case of ASA, BDSM), these books will not be your cup of tea.

Can I also take a moment to say I’ve been looking at the cover of the book Invitation to Play, by Zoe Mullins, on the AAR home page, and that cover is so off-putting I cannot imagine reading the book. The woman on the cover looks so uncomfortable–nothing about the cover screams “spontaneous, happy sex” to me.