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Dick your comment about the author not able to wrap up the ending to her book made me laugh. I have definitely felt that way before. Kristin Ashley is another example of long endings. I got the sample for Jo Goodman’s book but am wondering if there is one that comes before it that I should read first?

I just finished Grace Burrowes new book, His Lordship’s True Lady. The story sucked me in but I felt a little lost with all of the characters involved in the story, some from past books that I had forgotten about. The story has Hessian (his name made me think of boots) who is a widow that inherits a girl from neighbors along with her brothers. Hessian decides to marry again so they have a mother. The story focused a lot on Daisy, the girl, but barely mentioned the boys. There is a mystery to unravel involving the h, Lily. I enjoyed this story and it makes me want to go back and reread The Heir.