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I know we’re talking about the US, but I have been encouraged by the political developments in the UK. I’m a huge fan of Corbyn, and it looks like a lot of young British voters are getting involved in the political process there. I hope to see that continue there and here in the US. I agree with chris booklover that one outcome of 45’s presidency has been political activism. I know people who have never been interested in politics who try to follow what is going on. I just hope people take that to the polls during local elections, as well.

DC is an odd place to live at the moment. It’s not like I see politicians every day, but there’s an energy in the city I haven’t felt before. There are a lot of angry people here, and I don’t use “angry” in a negative way. I find it empowering. There is always some call to action or protest to get involved in. Given we’re disenfranchised in the District, I feel helpless sometimes that I have no representation in Congress. So joining in protests is one way I feel like I can make my voice heard. I’ve also been trying to educate/encourage friends and family who live in other states.