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I’m generally not a pessimist but I’ve been quite disappointed with the Democrats since the election, surely a moment in time when change of business as usual was desperately needed. Nancy Pelosi was reelected despite a dismal record of Democratic failures nationwide during her leadership. Then Tom Perez, with very little organizing experience, was elected to lead the DNC and at the same time Keith Ellison was targeted as a radical and a Muslim and voted down. Now the Democrats have lost four special elections. It seems unlikely right now that 2018 congressional races will flip. On the bright side though and to pick up with Amanda’s views on the energy among the people, I have never seen such an energized base. Town halls here in Oregon are overflowing and you can’t get into them. I’ve tried! The anger is off the charts. An energized base is never a bad thing, but at the moment I just don’t know where it will all lead.