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The Cocktail Challenge
Blue Lagoon – Read a book where the h/h are stranded for some portion of the story.
Hostage to the Stars by Veronica Scott – h/h are stranded on an enemy planet:
The ex-special forces hero had been called out of retirement to assist with the rescue of another woman. When he discovered the heroine was also being held, he disobeyed orders to mount a one-man rescue op. The heroine had been unaware she needed kidnap and ransom insurance, but she was resourceful and determined. I liked that the h/h took time to get to know one another and focused on their escape. There was a lot going on in the story and the book often seemed to just skim the surface of various plot twists rather than exploring the ramifications. There were a number of overly convenient occurrences and the ending seemed super rushed, but I liked the h/h both individually and as a couple.

Simply Seventeen Challenge (The Whittler) – novellas
Star Cruise: Rescue by Veronica Scott:
The hero started off rather rude, basically standing the heroine up for their date when waylaid by his ex. Since this happened within sight of the heroine I had much more sympathy for her than him. Thankfully the hero saw the error of his ways. The h/h had a lot of chemistry. However, this was a short story, so their relationship felt underdeveloped. I really hope to see more of them in future books.

Seventeen Magazine(s)! Challenge
AARP, The Magazine – Read a romance with a hero and heroine over the age of 40.
Protection Detail by Julie Miller – hero is in his late 50s:
The long-awaited resolution to the question of who hired the hitman to shoot the hero’s father at his daughter’s wedding was finally answered. The main baddie seemed obvious early in the book. The heroine’s mysterious past was explained early on. The secondary bad guy was very one-dimensional. The h/h had a lot of chemistry but spent much of the book reluctant to have an honest conversation. I enjoyed their romance but it often took a backseat to the dual mysteries.

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