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I recently read Day of the Duchess by Sarah MacLean. I agree with Caz’s review and comments about this book. The story of Malcolm and Sera was like a soap opera, definitely over the top. In the Rogue Not Taken (Sophie’s story) we see Malcolm in a compromising position and in The Day of the Duchess their story is told. I don’t know if I recommend this one unless a reader likes a lot of angst. I thought it was a little repetitive and there was always some obstacle that kept them from talking to each other but I was hooked into the story.

I also read a novel, Chemistry, by Weike Wang. I love science so I could really relate to the thoughtful science trivia interspersed through the story. It is a shorter book written in an unusually format with short sentences and paragraphs. I even found myself laughing out loud in a few places. I just realized the main character is not given a name! When the story begins she is a Chemistry graduate student working in a lab and living with a wonderful guy, Eric who proposes to her. She has a dog, best friend with a baby and also struggles with her relationship with her parents who are Chinese immigrants. She falls apart and rediscovers herself. I saw it recommended in Entertainment Weekly. This reminded of an older book, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

What are you reading?