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What a coincidink! They have an “unpopular opinions” thread on a movie message board I frequent, and I just posted the other day how much I didn’t like Love Actually even though I’m huge fan of romantic comedies. I just didn’t find many of the story lines very romantic. I did like the one involving Bill Nighy, because he’s just charming.

Also, despite the fact that I love political satire and laugh as U.S. presidents are skewered on Saturday Night Live and in other media, I was oddly offended by the portrayal of the U.S. president in this movie. I think the character was supposed to be a cross between GW Bush and Bill Clinton. Apparently, they took the least attractive qualities of each and just meshed them together, while having the charisma-challenged Billy Bob Thornton play him and making the U.K. PM a so much more attractive character in comparison. It seemed heavy-handed and mean spirited rather than genuinely satirical.