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Dabney Grinnan
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My son–who is ALL up on Martin’s world–says that many people believe Jamie is Lightbringer and that, as such, he will fulfill the prophecy that says Cersei will die at the hands of her younger brother. I think it’s clear, whether that’s true or not, that Jamie is losing his connection to Cersei. (They never have sex anymore!)

There’s lots of theories about the wolf–that’s Arya’s direwolf all grown up–but the one I like the best was in the NYT review:

And as the showrunners explained in their episode segment, the brief reunion between Arya and Nymeria referred back to the scene between Arya and her father, Ned, in which he envisioned a future for her defined by pretty dresses and marriage to a lord. “That’s not me,” Arya said then. On Sunday she recognized a kindred spirit in Nymeria, who has carved out her own wild life and is no longer inclined to be anyone’s pet. “That’s not you,” she said, as the wolf returned to the forest instead of joining her. Mr. Weiss said: “Arya is not domesticated, and it makes sense that her wolf isn’t either.” I still assume the main point was to introduce Nymeria so she can swoop in to save or help Arya later.

I of course was thrilled to see a sex scene that was ONLY about the woman’s pleasure.

And as much as I loath the Sand Snakes, I’m dreading seeing the mom and daughter in Cersei’s vengeful hands.