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I’ve been reading two authors who have not appealed to me in the past. The first is When Beauty Tamed the Beast by Eloisa James. Here I was very surprisingly pleased to find that I loved it and James’s authorial voice. Now I want to go back and reread other James’s novels to see if this one book was just a fluke. I’ve found in the past Eloisa James to have too modern of a voice for a historical author and the dialogue and plotting seems like fluff. But I may be wrong and am eager to find out.

The other book I’m currently reading is Day of the Duchess from Sarah MacLean. I’m enjoying it but am not finding MacLean an author who appeals to me. For me, she too suffers from a very modern and anachronistic voice. Also, the book has scenes that could have been emotionally devastating but oddly, I feel quite removed from them. Finally, while I like the hero, I find it frustrating that he cannot admit he was wrong to his wife and apologize. He’s had many opportunities and though we can hear some of his internal guilty thoughts, he can’t express them. The entire book feels like a big misunderstanding that continues to go on and on because the main characters cannot talk to each other honestly. This is my second attempt at a Sarah MacLean book but it may be that she’s just not an author for me.