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This week I read an online serial from Erin Watts, Tarnished Crown, Sav and Gideon’s story, and part of the Royals series. I think there is still one more segment to go that should be out in August. Fallen Heir comes out at the end of August so maybe its tied in with that release.

I finished Into the Water by Paula Hawkins, author of Girl on the Train. It was similar to Girl on the Train in that none of the characters was likeable and they all had secrets. I’m not as big on psychological thrillers and there were a lot of characters to keep track of, but in the end it was alright.

Blackjack, When Beauty Tamed the Beast is my favorite by E.J and I think I’ve read all of hers. I remember liking Kiss Me Annabelle and Much Ado About You but they are older and IMO fluffier so a lot different from When Beauty … Sometimes her books go on sale before she has a new release. I am looking forward to her new one, Wilde in Love, after reading the blurb. I liked Seven Minutes in Heaven , her recent release, more than other readers. I lot of reviewers didn’t like the H. I thought Day of the Duchess by MacLean was a giant soap opera. The constant obstacles that prevented the lead characters from discussing the big misunderstanding got annoying. When I read it, I didn’t notice that the husband never apologized but now that you mention it, more grovelling said out loud would have been nice to see.