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Very good episode and probably like a lot of viewers, I had divided loyalties. I wanted Bronn to survive and I wanted the dragon to survive too. I don’t think GoT will kill off Jaime (yet!) but I didn’t want him to die last night, or Daenerys for that matter. However, Daenerys has not been my favorite character as her arrogance is annoying. I’m also not interested in a romance between Daenerys and Jon Snow as so many fans seem to be.

Arya has always been my favorite and so I loved her scene with Brienne and was intrigued by all the mystery surrounding the swords and daggers. Not sure yet I fully grasped the import of all of them yet.

Strangely, I really like Littlefinger. He was a favorite character for me on The Wire, one of the best shows ever, and I loved how he transitioned right over to GoT as such a villain. So intrigued to see where his story takes us, but he’s been an amazing survivor in these viper’s nests.

I agree, Amanda, that the Olenna scene with Jaime was pretty spectacular. Diana Rigg is just such a great actress and I’m sad to see her go.