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Maggie Boyd
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This season has had good moments for me but I was tired of watching Team Daenerys get their asses kicked. I was so glad to see them have a win last night! I was delighted to see Bron again (waves frantically at television “Hello!!”) and I’m glad he survived and (possibly? Probably??) saved Jamie. I mean technically, they should both drown but this is television so I expect to see them again next week. Vulture had an interesting article which included the question – Will Bron stay loyal to the Lannisters after that epic battle. It’s a good question. Cersei’s super-weapon has been destroyed by the very creature it was meant to kill. Now Dany knows they have it and can take steps to protect her babies. Also, Bron has a good sense of survival, hasn’t been paid for his years of service and has a possible ally in Tyrion. Switching allegiances at this point might be in his best interest.

I really dislike Littlefinger and was delighted to see him a bit frightened of Arya/Bran. He launched this whole mess – leading Jon Arynn to figure out that Cersei’s children weren’t Robert’s, manipulating Ned Stark into the job of The Hand and eliminating him, playing a part in the killing of Rob Stark – and you know what, I don’t mind those men’s deaths. As Cersei said, “When you play the Game of Thrones, you play to win.” But each of those men is the head of an army made up of ordinary folk forced to fight in their wars. And a bunch of people were just burned alive in a war of Littlefinger’s making. So my hope is Arya kills him in a particularly cruel manner. (Note: My feelings toward the fictional character do not extend to the actor. He seems like a very talented practitioner of his craft :-)

I was a bit disappointed that Olena hadn’t hidden the gold. I wanted this weeks episode to start with Jamie realizing that aside from a few gold-leaf painted candlesticks and chairs, the castle had been emptied of everything of value. That would have been so in keeping with her character and such a fitting F-you to the Lannisters. I am sorry to see both Olena and Marjorie gone. If they were the ones facing down Dany I would have less of a vested interest in which side won and would be able to just enjoy watching victories for both.

Overall, I agree with Dabney – this was the best episode in awhile. Definitely of this season.