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Last night’s episode felt like a big info-dump as the season rushes toward the end.

I actually never thought that Sansa and Arya hated each other but more that they were sisterly rivals. They were pretty young when the show first started and it wouldn’t surprise me if they unite next season to make a formidable front against Littlefinger. I’m hoping Arya is smart enough to put the pieces together after reading the note left behind for her to discover. Littlefinger is usually a great villain but last night’s treatment of him felt heavy-handed.

Tired of waiting for Jaime to distance himself from Cersei. It should have happened long ago and even if it finally does in the final episodes, it’s too late for me. I don’t care anymore. I’m guessing the pregnancy storyline is one way to keep him tied to her.

Daenerys exceeded arrogance and is now bordering on madness. Now both queens are dabbling in monstrosity. Hopefully another option is there for Iron throne leadership. The modern audience in me wants to propose democracy for governance as monarchies are precarious things.

Bring back more Bronn next season!

The White Walkers have never been my favorite threads but maybe next week’s episode will surprise me.

I too was happy to see the return of Gendry and am looking forward to where his story takes us.