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Maggie Boyd
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In the books Arya/Sansa had more between them than sisterly rivalry. In fact, Arya never considered Sansa a rival because Arya disdained the route Sansa had chosen for her life. Last night’s line about Sansa’s need to feel better than others was so spot on to the character Sansa was (is?) in the books or perhaps to say how Arya saw Sansa in the books. Arya also blamed Sansa partially for the death of her friend since Sansa lied to protect Joffrey over the murder of Mycah. Additionally, Sansa told Cersei when the Starks were escaping and Arya knows this. She knows Sansa’s desire to be Joffrey’s queen killed Ned and the others. So that will sit between them and will make the note she found in this weeks episode look even more damning in Arya’s eyes. It’ll be deeply interesting to see where this goes from here.