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Jenna Harper
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Oohh…a fun group to dish Game of Thrones with!

So, about Jaime. Is anyone else frustrated that Jaime continues to be so in to Cersei? It’s not because Cersei is evil and I want Jaime with someone good (Brienne?!), it’s because that relationship makes Jaime look very stupid. For a very long time, Cersei has not shown to have one single redeeming quality. Nothing about her is lovable or even likeable. So the fact that Jaime continues to bow and scrape to her doesn’t so much speak to some kind of great love he has for her, or even the history that they share. Rather, I think Jaime ends up looking like a simpleton. How anyone could like a person like Cersei is baffling. Each week, I just shake my head at Jaime the Dupe.

Am I really weird for hoping that Gendry and Arya end up together? I’m hoping that once this is all over, Arya is one of the survivors, and that Gendry manages to soften her. She’s this killer assassin and I’m not sure how she finds her way back to a place of peace and non-violence. Her anger runs so deep.

I’m totally shipping Dany and Jon, but dang if Dany and Jorah Mormont didn’t have some serious vibes going on between them. I know that Dany and Jon are related, but I so don’t care. Maybe the fact that we’ve all come to accept Cersei and Jaime’s twincest as somewhat normal, I just can’t get too fussed about a romantic relationship between and aunt and nephew. Isn’t that awful?

Can we make predictions here? I know it says Spoilers but predictions may be another level.