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Maggie Boyd
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Feel free to make predictions!

I don’t want Jamie with Cersei, although to be honest in the books he’s portrayed as a bit dim so his staying with her sort of works. She’s always been the brains of the operation but in the show, I like Jamie and hope he figures this thing out. Soon.

I’m fine with Arya as is. Westeross isn’t a democracy and in a place where the Game of the Thrones is played people like Arya and Varys are going to exist. Arya isn’t Baelish; she doesn’t do evil for personal gain. The people she targets are mass murderers, not someone who failed to pass her the salt at the dinner table. I’m hoping she takes an active part in Jon’s government when he’s king – she’s completely loyal to him and perfect for the job! Just imagine her turning her talents to spy work over assassination.

I hope, hope, hope Bron switches sides (he seems to be heading that way) and marries Sansa. He was promised a bride, he deserves one and who is left besides Arya and Sansa? Really this show has been brutal on women.

Gendry. *sigh* Please don’t let him be a sacrificial lamb. A character for me to care about so I cry when he faces that GoT motto “All men must die”.