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Maggie Boyd
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Jenna: I love the idea of Arya killing Cersei while wearing Jamie’s face. It would be such a cool twist on the prophecy while still giving Arya the satisfaction of killing Cersei.

Blackjack: I like the idea of Sansa killing Littlefinger. It would make a nice closing of the circle to the whole Song of Ice and Fire, with Baelish’s obsession with Cat launching the destruction of house Stark and his Cat replacement, a Stark, finishing him off. What a beautiful justice.

I’m sure we are going to loose a dragon but I don’t want Cersei’s army to do it. I hate for her to have that victory. On the other hand, according to a vision Dany had in the house of undying “”The dragon must have three heads”. That’s always been interpreted as three riders for three dragons, so we’ll see what happens.

I too can’t wait for Sunday :-)