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Jenna Harper
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Not to go off on too much a tangent, but the whole incest thing is actually fascinating. Now, I believe 1000% that incest between immediate family members (parents/children, siblings) is always, always, always 1000% wrong and gross, but if you think about the reason for the social taboo, incest between cousins doesn’t bother me as much. The whole point of avoiding sexual relations between relatives was to avoid possible birth defects and other abnormalities that might arise given the limited gene pool between the two parents. That’s why marrying cousins that are several “removes” apart is somewhat acceptable. But in the past, why would marrying a first cousin whom you’ve never met before be “gross”? And in the case of Dany and Jon, since Dany cannot have children*, there is no danger of birth defects between them. They did not know each other growing up and thus no parent/child or siblings dynamic exists. They are, in effect, two strangers who just so happen to share a common relative – Jon’s father is Dany’s brother. It would be one thing if Dany were an older aunt who helped raise Jon and then the relationship became sexual – that would be absolutely gross. But maybe the reason that the whole prospect of the two of them together doesn’t bother me is because I don’t see them as family members in any way other than shared blood. I think incest is taboo because of that familial relationship and shared history.

As far as Jaime and Cersei, I’ve so long ago gotten over the shock factor of their relationship (my grossness over it just always hums quietly in the background) and am almost more affronted by the fact that Jaime continues to love a woman who is so clearly a sociopath. That almost bothers me more than the ick-factor around him sleeping with his sister.

* Why are we so sure that Dany cannot have children? I know it’s been said, but I can’t recall ever knowing exactly why. Did the death of her baby at the end of Season 1 leave her infertile? Anyone shed some light on this?