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Jenna Harper
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Okay, after last night’s episode, I have a new prediction. It’s one that makes me sick, but I’m predicting it anyway.

I predict that Jon will get Dany pregnant. I think that she’s not really barren, because if you really read the prophesy that Mirri Maz Duur said, it doesn’t say that Dany CAN’T have kids. And a lot of her cryptic “when the sun rises in the west and sets in the east” stuff can be non-literal.

So…Jon and Dany will have a relationship and be in love and Dany will get pregnant and then Jon will die.

The Targareyan line will be assured and Dany’s child – a boy – will be the saviour prince that Melisandre has predicted and the one to ascend the Iron Throne.

All of the emphasis last night on Dany’s successor and her inability to have kids really seems like a set up for her to get pregnant, much to her surprise. And since too many people would have an issue with a happy-ever-after for Dany and Jon given the fact that they are aunt and nephew, I think this means poor Jon is a goner. Also, Jon’s death would solve the problem that, technically, he’s the one who has the higher claim to the iron throne even over Dany, but she’s been set up to be the one and only Queen.

I will cry real tears if they kill off Jon because he’s probably my favorite character.

Here’s another guess: I thought that Jorah Mormont would probably die before the end of the series, giving his life to save Dany in some way. But now I think that Jon will die and Jorah will marry Dany and help raise Dany and Jon’s child.