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I could see the Jorah and Danerys hook up with Jon out of the way. I hadn’t really thought of Jorah as old, though he’s definitely older than Dany.

After last night though, it occurred to me that Brienne might be a better leader than nearly all of them.

I wasn’t expecting a zombie dragon. What does an ice dragon breath out of its mouth? Honestly though, the dragon’s death was deeply affecting. Every time one of the dragons is in danger I feel emotional and last night’s episode was difficult to watch.

I’m disappointed in Arya. She really can’t grasp the horrors her sister has endured. Plus, Sansa made some good points that stumped Arya during their argument. Strangely, Sansa sent Brienne away and right after she seemed to fall for Littlefinger’s suggestion of having Brienne mediate a Stark family fight. What is Sansa up to?

Brienne and Jaime nail biter coming??

Anyway, I’m here in Portland, Oregon at 10:08 am where we are having a total solar eclipse in 10 minutes. It’s getting dark and the birds have just stopped chirping. I’m working from home today and am so curious to see how my pets react. Right now, they just look bored. We’re heading outside to absorb it all now, but it is already so cool. Hope others are in the path of totality today and get a chance to view it all.