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Jenna Harper
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I can’t argue that a Jon/Dany hookup is super predictable and absolutely unoriginal as far as storytelling goes. And there are so many plot holes and world inconsistencies that it is impossible to ignore them.

But…I gotta say, if this is all fan service, then I’m okay with it. I know it’s not the same world that GRRM created back in the beginning, but that doesn’t bother me. At this point, I WANT to see Jon and Dany together. And I understand that the limited number of episodes left requires some stupid storytelling hacks that really don’t make logical sense (teleportation anyone?).

I guess I’m just invested in the story that is being told as it is, rather than perhaps the way it should be based on the original GOT protocol established in the first seasons. I haven’t reached my jump the shark moment yet. I’m not a purist, I guess.

I think I’m just an easy, cheap date. :)