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Maggie Boyd
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Jon and Dany don’t ick me out. The foreshadowing on this, with the refrain of brother/sister relationships from the Targaryen history, has me well prepared for the possibility. :-) I do think the books hinted heavily at this match up and I’ve actually been expecting them to get together for the last decade or so. In the books, if I remember right, Dany’s brother had hinted that she was more on loan to Drogo than married to him because it had been his plan to use the Dothraki and then take his sister to wife. That’s one of the things I love about sci-fi/fantasy. It forces you to re-examine the unacceptable. :-)

I’m completely traumatized by the death of Viserion. No excuse for that GoT! Now the freaking Night King has a dragon mount.

I think the show has made a mistake in not showing us more of a review of the Sansa/Arya relationship. It seemed so fitting to me that their relationship be fraught with tension since the last time they were together was season one and they most definitely didn’t get along back then. For Arya, coming back to find Sansa the Lady of Winterfell, was a confirmation of all the worst things she has ever thought about her sister. She will not let her be queen if she can help it. Hopefully, they will figure out soon who the real enemy is because honest to God, I want Baelish dead. I want Arya or Sansa to do it.

Also, does anyone else think it possible that Sansa isn’t a Stark? She looks like Caetlyn according to the books/shows and there is nothing very Stark like in her behavior or demeanor. And if anyone is capable of pulling a Donkey Skin it’s Baelish. He’d always been obsessed with the mother, if he seduced her and produced Sansa I can totally see that disgusting toad getting off on being with his daughter that so looks like her mother.