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Yeah, I agree the Sansa/Arya relationship is a bit of a puzzle and the show has not done enough to clarify the undercurrents, but I say that as a viewer of the show rather than a reader of the books. I interpreted their first season relationship more in terms of sisterly spats and some jealousy but not deep antagonism. I’m finding it difficult to figure out why Arya feels so much contempt for Sansa. I especially did not care for Arya’s inability to discuss Sansa’s history. As viewers we know all that Sansa has been through and it just seems cruel at the moment for Arya to be so dismissive.

I don’t feel icked by the Daenerys & Jon relationship. I do though feel concerned, if that’s the right word, that Daenerys is invested in ruling out of selfish reasons of self-aggrandizement, and in recent episodes her behavior has see-sawed between arrogant to potentially monstrous. If we’re supposed to read Tyrion’s expressions correctly, I think we’re asked to feel concerned. I want to see what the show does with all of this. I also do not think the show has done that much to set up a romance, and so in this respect, I just don’t feel much excitement about it – yet anyway.

I also want to say that days after the show aired, I still feel such sadness about the death of the dragon and sad too for Daenerys’s loss. As usual for me, the death of animals is very painful. I hated when the dire wolves were destroyed too.