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Maggie Boyd
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I feel horrible about the dragon. :-( and the wolves. They all gave their lives for causes that weren’t theirs; it seems unfair.

I really, sincerely hope that GoT show runners start to make the deaths meaningful rather than gratuitous. Next week has me very worried for the Unsullied; they better not kill Greyworm just for emotional manipulation purposes. I feel the same about Gendry – is he back just so I can cry at this death?

According to everything I’ve read season 8 will be only 6 or 7 episodes long. We have only one episode left this season. While we’ve had the long awaited meeting of Dany and John, the reunion of the remaining Starks at Winterfell, the return of Ser Jorah and the return of Gendry I feel that all we’ve done this season is another move of the players in this game. I want the last season to be truly different and deliver a satisfying ending. I don’t want the last scene to be someone sitting down on the Iron Throne, indicating the game is finally over. I want a bit more pay off than that. :-)