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I think the show runners have handled the Arya and Sansa relationship pretty clumsily (it’s like my worst complaint about a romance novel- one conversation with any two of the Stark siblings would clear everything up) but I think also the show and people have forgotten their history,

The show keeps harping on Arya seeing Sansa in a “pretty dress with pretty hair” when Ned was executed but the real strain between the sisters doesn’t stem from that and is very understandable from Arya’s perspective.
Sansa flat out lied about what happened with Arya, Joffrey, Nymeria and Micah the butcher’s boy in season one. Sansa didn’t want Joffrey not to like her so she lied and betrayed Arya (which endangered Arya’s life as crazy Cersei would have hurt her and wanted to if Ned hadn’t intervened). It backfired on Sansa because it ended up costing the life of her Direwolf Lady instead of Nymeria, Arya’s Direwolf (and Arya lost her by having to reject her and chase her away to save her life). Worse than anything, it cost the life of Micah, Arya’s friend who Joffrey sent the Hound to hunt down and murder. It’s something that never bothered Sansa because the lives of servants meant nothing to her and she saw herself as the wounded party, but she never blamed Joffrey for attacking Arya and Micah and lying about it or Cersei for being so cruel, she blamed Arya.

This was Arya’s first taste of Sansa lying and betraying her family to get what she wanted. It wasn’t a just a petty sisterly squabble it cost Arya the life of her friend and really showed who Sansa was. It’s not crazy for Arya to think that years back Sansa might betray their father for her beloved Joffrey. The show has done a lot to try to rehabilitate the character of Sansa and left out a lot of stuff from the books because the writers felt the audience would just hate Sansa if she did what she did in the books and ran to Cersei with Ned’s plans. Betraying the Starks yet again, keeping her and Arya from escaping King’s Landing as Ned planned and even costing Ned his life and honor as he agreed to lie and beg forgiveness because he was trying to spare his daughters.

Sansa always resented Jon as Catelyn did, and was cruel and dismissive towards him. It’s not crazy for Arya (who hasn’t seen Sansa in years) to imagine she resents Jon, a bastard, being named King In The North.

So there are good reasons for Arya to distrust Sansa, but for some reason the show doesn’t want to present them. I think it’s because they have rehabilitated Sansa, given her a different storyline and don’t want Arya’s grievances to be real so that the audience will still like Sansa and forget about the awful things she has done. They can have a happy reconciliation in episode 7 without Arya saying “remember when you helped Joffrey essentially murder that young friend of mine and you never regretted it or cared about it”.