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I think the show has been quite kind to Sansa and given all she has been through, the audience has sympathy for her. Season 1 was years ago and therefore there is much distance between the conflict between the two sisters and where they’re at now. And at the time Arya and Sansa both seemed not much more than children, which mitigated much of the harm Sansa caused. I also viewed Sansa as inadvertently causing a chain of events. Cersei and Joffrey clearly were of a different beast than Sansa. Sansa unknowingly set herself up to be virtually imprisoned and mistreated, which put her in the position of being a victim of the Lannisters rather than in collusion with them. So, just from my perspective as a casual viewer rather than reader, Sansa is not anywhere near a villain and the conflict from Season 1 just doesn’t stand out to me as a reason for Arya and Sansa to be at odds now.