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Jenna Harper
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My issue with the Sansa/Arya situation is that, after all these girls have gone through, their rift is beyond petty. Without any solid proof whatsoever, Arya is accusing Sansa of trying to oust Jon and grab power. It’s as if the writers of the show know that there is no good reason for the sisters to be so hostile to each other so they are manufacturing conflict.

I don’t believe that Arya would hold such deep grudges against Sansa based on childhood rivalries. As far as what happened with Joffrey and Micah and all of that, I think Arya has matured enough to understand that things aren’t so black and white. Ned even try to explain to her why Sansa was in an impossible situation – that for Sansa to go in front of the King and Queen and call their son (and her future husband) a liar was simply not reasonable to expect. I do agree that this whole thing reeks of the Big Misunderstanding, where if Sansa and Arya were to sit down and tell each other about all that they have gone through, each would have a completely different and sympathetic vision of the other.

Too, Arya’s character is being assassinated (no pun intended!). She’s gone from a wronged party with a list of people who rightly deserve justice to a psycho paranoid. I’m sure that after all she’s gone through and being trained as an assassin, Arya would have her fair share of issues. But the Faceless Men was not a group that engaged in brutal violence for the sake of intimidating people or as a threat, thus the philosophy they would have imparted is not what Arya is now personifying. She’s acting unhinged, not like a girl with a legitimate grievance.

I keep holding out hope that we are only seeing a tiny piece of a puzzle that will pan out by the end of the season to reveal a complete picture that makes more sense. In which case, then I fault the writers for leaving the viewers in the dark about Sansa and Arya’s true intentions as a manipulation to try to wring out some kind of drama or big reveal. They aren’t playing by the rules of the game. Instead of laying the groundwork for a long con, which we should all be included in, they are instead giving us unreliable narrators and pulling bait and switches that just aren’t fair.